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At The Rights Bureau we focus on non fiction, health and well-being, but every now and again a fiction author comes along whom we feel so passionate about, we have to represent. Bronagh Curran is an author whose work we adore, whose imagination is alive with possibility and who is completely dedicated to her craft. The stars have aligned to bring us together and we are incredibly excited about her future.


After six years in as an entertainment features journalist with The Irish News of the World, Bronagh Curran took a break from the media in 2007 to set up her own dog walking service, which resulted in a total of four clients and the eventual writing off of her van. No humans or canines were injured in the process, although a ten litre vat of magnolia paint that was unfortunate enough to be sitting in the back did pay the ultimate price. Bronagh walked out unharmed and some might say improved, seeing as she was covered in a timeless shade that can go with anything. When the dog days were over, Bronagh took to creating her own hair accessories. The hobby led to a job in a bead shop and a new incarnation as a craft teacher. So if you have a special occasion, she can knock you up a feather fascinator and complimenting necklace in no time. She currently lives in North Dublin City and works a patient coordinator in a dental clinic but she mostly spends her evenings writing these amazing books:


The Path of Totality

August 21st 2017. The first Total Solar Eclipse in the US for 35 years. And at a time when night is day and day is night, anyone’s life can be turned upside down. Even if you’re Nat Dobbs.

Nat’s the bullied kid. The kid with the stammer and skinny limbs. The kid who weighs 125 pounds dripping wet and never quite looks you in the eye. Maybe if he did, he’d finally make a friend. The last time he tried to fit in he ended up with this pants around his ankles…on state TV.

But Milo Quincy doesn’t see Nat the way the others do, the way his father Gunther does. Sure, he may be a 65 year recluse who punched Nat in the face, he may even be as dangerous as the rest of the town says he is. But he’s listening – and for Nat, that’s enough for now

When the multi coloured and multi coveted Celeste Woodston gets thrown onto their path, Nat and Quincy find themselves on a road trip – across four states – in a ’67 Mustang to witness the eclipse from the optimum point – The Path of Totality.

And maybe in this moment of ultimate darkness, the unlikely friends will finally see the world more clearly – or at least how they’d like it to be.


The Path of Totality is published in Dutch as in Het Spoor Van de Eclips and was nominated for Best Young Adult Book in the Hebban Book Awards. All other rights available.


For 9-12’s, Reny Miller is a character you will never forget:

Reny Miller trilogy (all rights available):

Book 1: Secrets and Squeezy Jam

Reny Miller wants what most 13 year old girls want. To survive the first year in her new school, to kiss the boy of her dreams and somehow to stop her family from embarrassing the life out of her. There’s her crazy grandparents Joan and Joe, her hippy dippy aunty Karen and her forlorn father Ritchie, former rockstar turned boring stiff, who rarely leaves the house. He changed when her mum died, maybe they all did. But it’s only now, five years later, that Reny is starting to feel like she’s the only one being left out of a really big secret, a truth that could bring her world crashing down around her ears. As she sets out to uncover her past, Reny’s present proves just as challenging. What with suddenly finding herself in love with her best friend Sam, butting heads with her dad’s guitar prodigy Tommy and battling school bullies The BB, her life was never going to be anything but complicated. But maybe with a little help from her friends and even music, Reny will see just how special it can be.

Book 2: Lies and Lobster Claws

Reny’s life should be perfect – she has the boy of her dreams, her Dad is finally moving on with his life and she’s even exploring her own musical talents with a spot of city centre busking. But no matter how hard she tries to push it out of her mind, her mother’s death still lingers heavy there. As she struggles to lay her own demons of distrust and abandonment to rest with the help of a very special friend, Reny also manages to push away the one person who can really comfort her. In a bid to escape her mistakes, Reny finds herself in West Cork for the summer with Aunty Karen and her boyfriend, Mr. McAvoy. But instead of being the solution to her problems, it just brings some of its own, namely in the form of local charmer Cully. And when her best friend Sam needs her more than ever, Reny realises it’s time to stop running, to stand up and be heard, no matter what the cost.

Book 3: Promises and Peanut Butter

Reny makes an impact online and becomes a source of counsel for other teens. She even starts to use her musical talents in music therapy sessions, helping people trapped in their despair to reach out. Despite Tommy’s concerns over her online communications, Reny forms a close bond with one of her followers, a boy who claims to be suicidal over the accidental death of his brother. Desperate to help Reny puts her own safety on the line.

WIP: Birds of a Kinder Climate

The only thing Mee‘s mother ever gave her was HIV, she couldn’t even be bothered with a name. From one foster home to another she only knew one thing – she was Mee.

She’s  always been alone on the inside but now that’s she 16, Mee’s alone on the outside too; homeless in New York City.

When two drifters Stu and Bones crash into her life, along with their yappy little dog Dutchie, Mee begins to discover the world around her and the possibility of family. But when life on the streets take Bones away from them, Mee and Stu must seek out a better life for themselves and Dutchie. Headed for Southern Texas, where the raptors migrate from New York, the new friends follow the birds in search of sunshine, a kinder climate and the promise of happiness.




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