Dr. Harry Barry


Dr. Harry Barry is a highly respected Irish author and medic, with 36 years experience as a GP. With a keen interest in the area of mental health and suicide prevention, Dr. Barry is the author of numerous books addressing various aspects of mental health including depression and toxic stress. Dr. Barry regularly contributes to media coverage of these topics.

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Have you ever come across a book that fundamentally changed your understanding of a subject? Flagging the Problem: A New Approach to Mental Health is such a rarity. It is a superb book. It explains mood disturbances in a fresh and accessible way. I cannot recommend it highly enough, in particular to those travelling the lonely journey of mental illness, and their families. –Irish Times

It’s that rare thing – a medical book that can be read by lay people and health professionals alike. Dr Barry demystifies subjects that touch so many of our lives and he does so with compassion, wisdom and vast professional knowledge. Cathy Kelly – author

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