Lorna Sixsmith


Lorna Sixsmith is a dairy farmer, wife, mum to two children, social media consultant, enthusiastic blogger and an author. She lives in South East Ireland on a dairy and beef farm.

Her first book ‘Would You Marry A Farmer?’ was inspired by her blog post entitled ‘Advice to those considering marrying a farmer’ which became hugely popular.

Preferring to see life as a ‘glass half-full’, her take on marrying a farmer and being a farmer’s wife concentrates on the humourous side of rural life.

‘Funny, historical, reflective, realistic, tongue-in-cheek, a pleasure to read, hilarious’ are just some of the terms used to describe her books.

If you were to pop in to Lorna’s farm, you’d find her either feeding calves, reading a book while stirring something on the hob, making brown bread or standing in a gap somewhere. She’s envious of farm women who manage to keep their kitchen tables clear too.

Catch up with her every week on her blog at www.lornasixsmith.com

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